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Auntie Renee
Ursula Renee Spratling
Storyteller and Motivational Speaker
Website: www.AuntieReneeStoryteller.com
Email: Renee@AuntieReneeStoryteller.com
Phone: 770-402-0564

Everyone loves to hear a great story. It doesn’t matter if you are ages 3 to 73, you will always take the time to sit down and hear a good story, from a great storyteller. Auntie Renee is an award winning captivating storyteller, who puts her creative skills to use by performing Storytelling and Motivational speaking. She has performed in front of audiences with hundreds of people, and also does corporate training. She is a member of Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia, Toastmasters International, and does monthly workshops. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her stories sometimes include that Southern flare. She has lived in Atlanta for the past 15 years and now considers Atlanta home.

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