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Margaret R. Edinburgh - Miss Rose Margaret R. Edinburgh
aka Miss Rose

Stories for all audiences, especially women
A Fun Educational Entertainer, Storyteller, Doll Artist, Author, Certified Facilitator of Storytelling among those in memory care and Sistah Bebe The Caring Clown
Email: rose_marje@yahoo.com
Phone: 770-425-3161

Margaret "Miss Rose" Rose Edinburgh was first exposed to storytelling as she listened to maternal family members share stories from their youth. She remembers peals of laughter generated among family members as her big sister, Edna and her Uncle Melvin shared story after story. This art was reinforced in Ms. Bertha Romby's kindergarten class at Booker T. Washington Elementary School. Listening to "story time" on National Public Radio was one of the daily class activities. It was something Edinburgh looked forward to. "Miss Rose" is a nurturer and has been labeled a teacher and example to so many people she has met over the years. Her determination, tenacity, curiosity, life experiences, wisdom and professional training have allowed her to tunnel through a lot of darkness, leading her back to storytelling. Beginning in May of 1990, Margaret turned a life changing corner with the creation of The Order of NZingah Doll Collection.™  The dolls brought her back to storytelling, and placed her in both the local and national media. They also enabled her travels to international places like South Africa, London and Paris.

When "Miss Rose" finally got involved with Toastmasters, she evolved into a bright ray of light and inspiration to so many of those who were watching her. Her leadership and communication skills moved to a whole new level. After completing her Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) certification, she enrolled in and completed the Jeff Justice Comedy Workshop. This exciting experience helped "Miss Rose" to develop her stage presence. For the former introvert, appearing at Atlanta’s Punch Line Comedy Club was the most incredible thing she had done in a very long time. During this phase of her life, "Miss Rose" realized she had become a "sampler" of life. She began seeking more new things to learn and share with others. Those things she liked she learned more about. The things she didn't like, "Miss Rose" simply marked them from her list.

Margaret R. Edinburgh - Miss RoseA graduate of Indiana State University, "Miss Rose" has worked as an Administrative Professional all of her adult life. She worked in a major corporation for nearly 30 years in Indiana and Georgia. She loves children but likes to serve the elderly. In 2008, she created a way to honor the elderly, as they reach age 85 and older through induction into the Rose Marje' Yellow Rose/Strong Oak Society. Prime candidates for induction into the society must be lucid, cognitive, and fairly independent. Further, "Miss Rose" has been trained as a Certified Storytelling Facilitator for those who are in memory care through the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Her practicum for this certification was completed at Wellington Place of Kennesaw. "Miss Rose" is very active in Atlanta’s Antioch Baptist Church North, as an active member of their Care and Comfort Ministry. Her life experiences deeply arouse her passion to help women to become all they can be—especially those women who, as single parents, are struggling to raise their children.

Edinburgh's first storytelling (2007) CD titled, "The Order of NZingah Doll Collection: Women of Dignity," introduces her audience to her dolls and the journey of her mother, Charlieveen Edinburgh, who reared her six young children alone when her husband, Henry Edinburgh, passed away unexpectedly. Her second CD titled, "I Done Tole Y’all," is a humorously scripted walk over many paths women have traveled. She has had her first book titled, Tater Folks, published and it is available on amazon.com.

Ms. Edinburgh enjoys reading, sewing, traveling, nurturing others and telling a variety of stories that entertain, encourage, and educate others.

She uses realistic goals and strategies to reach both the youth and the elderly. "Miss Rose" loves to use her life experiences to assist, motivate, and raise the self-esteem of the youth, and to remind adults that our history is not lost. But our past experiences from the roots of our ancestors connect us to the present. They allow us to spread our wings to soar into the future. A future of Hope and Change!

"Miss Rose" has appeared in several public and private settings, schools, senior citizen facilities, and conferences. She has won several comedy competitions and awards for her dolls. She has received several awards from two U.S. Presidents for volunteerism.


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