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Joanna Maddox
Actress, Singer, Storyteller, and Playwright

Phone: 678-522-5915
Email: joannamaddox1@yahoo.com

Joanna Maddox has appeared in numerous national television and radio commercials. She has been appeared in "In the Heat of the Night" and "The Tonight Show," with Jay Leno. Her Divas Tribute, "Lessons from the Divas" has taken her from Las Vegas, to Paris France. She performs in schools, festivals, universities, museums, libraries, churches and theatres nationwide.

"It is my belief that we can be inspired by those who lived before us, who despite the obstacles they faced in life continued to pursue their dreams. Children need to be inspired to dream, achieve and believe in themselves."

Joanna was commissioned by Annette Wise of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site to write and perform a first person narrative of Mrs. Rachel Clark. Rachel Clark was a woman who had a profound influence on the 39th President of the United States, President Jimmy Carter. The play is entitled, "Raising a President, the story of Rachel Clark and Jimmy Carter. Joanna had the honor to perform for President Carter on September 29, 2004 in Plains, GA in celebration of his 80th birthday.

Combining her musical and acting talents, Joanna Maddox "truly becomes the characters she portrays." She is known for her dramatic portrayals of historic Black women such as Marian Anderson, Wilma Rudolph, Bessie Coleman, Dr. Mae Jemison, and Madame CJ Walker.

A Georgia native Joanna professional actress, singer, storyteller received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre from the University of GA.

From "A Journey to Freedom with Harriet Tubman, to "A Bus Ride with Rosa Parks," to "Life Lessons from the Divas," motivational edutainment as Joanna sings, impersonates and pays tribute to Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. Joanna presents "live history," in schools, universities, museums, festivals and churches nationwide.


"Journey to Freedom" Harriet Tubman,
"A Bus Ride with Rosa Parks"
"A Lady of Elegance" Marian Anderson
"Catch me if you Can" Wilma Rudolph
"Come fly with me" Bessie Coleman
"A visit with Madame CJ Walker"
"Reaching for the Stars" Dr. Mae Jemison
"Raising a President, the story of Rachel Clark and Jimmy Carter"
"Life Lessons from the Divas" uplifting motivational edutainment, Joanna sings live and pays tribute to Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston.
"Tall Tales" fun interactive folktales and original stories.

"A Bus Ride with Rosa Parks" by Joanna Maddox
Rosa Parks  "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement," takes the audience back in time and shares what it was like growing up in the segregated South.  On December 1, 1955, Mrs. Parks refused to surrender her seat to a white male passenger and was arrested by the Montgomery police.  Her simple act of courage set in motion a chain of events that forever changed American rac e relations and redirected the course of history.
Program is 45 minutes and is appropriate for K-Adult.
 "Thank you for sharing your talents with my fourth grade class it really helps them understand what happened in the past." - Teacher 
"What an awesome gift God has given you.  You are one of my "Sheroes."  Thanks for Sharing. Thanks for the lesson!"

- Dr. Shirley H. Hardin, Valdosta State College
"A Lady of Elegance" - Marian Anderson by Joanna Maddox
Marian Anderson was humble, gifted and black.  This program captures the elegance and dignity of a talented woman.  Marian was unable to have a successful career in classical music in America because of her race so she traveled to Europe where she became an international star.  Artist wears concert gown and sings Ave Maria and several spiritual favorites of Marian Anderson.Program is 45-50 minutes and appropriate for Grade K-Adult
 "I didn’t want the singing to end. Wonderful performance." - Teacher/Eastside Elem
"A Visit with Madame CJ Walker" by Joanna Maddox
Madame CJ Walker was a woman who rose from the cotton fields to the washtub and went on to become the first black female millionaire.  She made her fortune developing and marketing hair and skin care products for black women around the world.  Because of her thousands of working-class black women became economically self-sufficient.
Program is 45 minutes and is appropriate for Grade 3-Adult.
"You have really done your research on the women you represent. Thank you for sharing your talent with the GA State community. "
- Tonya Cook, GA State University

"Catch Me If You Can" - Wilma Rudolph adapted by Joanna Maddox 
Wilma Rudolph was born with polio and was plagued by illness throughout her childhood.  She overcame her health challenges and became the fastest woman in the world.  She made history by becoming the first American woman to win 3 gold medals in the Olympic games in Rome, Italy. Program is 45 minutes and is appropriated for grades K-12.
"Come fly with Me" - Bessie Coleman adapted by Joanna Maddox
Bessie Coleman was the first black to earn an international pilot’s license. This daredevil aviator was born in a one-room cabin in Atlanta, Texas.  Unable to find anyone willing to teach her to fly in America she saved her money, learned French in night school and moved to Paris.  There she received her pilot’s license from the prestigious Federation Aeronautique Internationale in  1921.  Program is 45 minutes and is appropriate for grades 3-12.
"Life Lessons from the Divas" 
This is a high-energy show with music, singing costume changes and lots of audience participation. This program is inspiring, motivational, entertaining and educational.  Whitney Houston pays tribute to two successful Divas who paved the way for her, Tina Turner and Diana Ross. Some forty years ago black artists were denied meals and hotel reservations because of the color of their skin. Joanna sings live the hits of all three Divas and each Diva has a message for you.  Love and Respect Yourself and others, Never Give up and Believe in yourself. Program is 45 minutes and is appropriate for all ages. 
"Your show has inspired me to follow my dreams."  "You can sang!"
- Students /Cordele Middle School
"I have been here for 20 years and this was the best performance we have ever had."
- Tom Jones, McClesky Middle School"
"Journey to Freedom with Harriet Tubman" - by Joanna Maddox
Harriet Tubman a woman called Moses was born around 1820 on a plantation in Maryland.  She escaped from the bonds of slavery and made 19 trips back to her old plantation to lead some 300 slaves to freedom.  Her trips were carefully planned and brilliantly executed by the use of the Underground Railroad, an ever-changing series of secret hiding places.  Program is 45 minutes and is appropriate for K-Adult.
"Joanna Maddox literally mesmerized the students with her portrayal of Harriet Tubman. It was as if Harriet Tubman was standing right there in our presence."
- Joyce Harrison, Teacher 
"Joanna Maddox captivates audiences of all ages with her creative stories and portrayals of historical figures. We particularly enjoyed Joanna as Harriet Tubman. She truly becomes the characters she portrays."
- Claudia Zurbrick, Media Specilaist, Manning Oaks Elem
"Raising a President" - The story of Jimmy Carter and Rachel Clark by Joanna Maddox
During the Depression years, a time long past, way down South on a Georgia farm lived a little boy who would one day grow up to be President.  Rachel Clark was a woman who lived and worked on the Carter farm doing whatever needed to be done.  She worked in the fields and in the Carter household.  Rachel influenced that little boy in more ways than one, sharing words of wisdom that would last a lifetime.  Did it ever occur to Rachel Clark that she was "Raising a President?"Program is 45-50 minutes and is appropriate for Grade 3-Adult.
"Joanna’s portrayal of Rachel Clark was much more than I expected. Her performance has made me fall in love with Mrs. Rachel Clark all over again. You must see the show, you will be truly blessed."
- President Jimmy Carter
"Reaching for the Stars" - Dr. Mae Jemison by Joanna Maddox 
Dr. Mae Jemison is a chemical engineer, scientist, physician, teacher and astronaut.  Her skills and expertise reflect a determined individual whose contributions to the nation and the world made a difference.  She achieved her childhood dream when she becam the first black woman to travel in space aboard the Endeavor on September 12, 1992.  She encourages all people, especially women and minorities to pursue careers in science and any other fields of their choice. Program is 45-50 minutes and is appropriate for K-Adult. 
"What an awesome gift God has given you.  You are one of my "Sheroes."  Thanks for Sharing. Thanks for the lesson!"
- Dr. Shirley H. Hardin, Valdosta State College
"Tall Tales"
Joanna gets the students involved in this high-energy presentation of stories, fables, folktales and original tales that teach character and values.  Through characterization, different voices and sound effects she brings the characters to life.  There is lots of audience participation and students learn that reading can be fun. Program is 30-40 minutes and is appropriate for K-5.
"Joanna has been truly blessed with a special talent for storytelling.  Her enthusiasm and each story’s interest level keep any audience involved and wanting more." 
- Jean Murray, Teacher, Russell Elementary
"Few people can brighten the faces of children like Joanna Maddox. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  She has mastered the art of telling stories, which capture the imagination and challenge the heart. Expect your child to ask the question. Can Joanna tell another story?"
- Reggie Joyner, President Co-Essentials of Character Education


Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains GA
Igcita Convention, Las Vegas Nevada
Chateau Elan Resort, Braselton GA
The Club, Baldhead Island NC
United Posters Convention, St. Louis MS, Baltimore MD, Atlanta GA
Georgia State University, Atlanta GA
Valdosta State University, Valdosta GA
Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw GA
University of Georgia, Athens GA
University of Texas, Arlington GA
Clayton College, Morrow GA
Teaching Museum North, Roswell GA
Columbus Museum, Columbus GA
Old Massie School Museum, Savannah GA
The Grand Theatre, Cartersville GA
Arts in Black Festival Tifton GA
Albany Municipal Auditorium, Albany GA
Salvation Army, Atlanta GA
Golden Isles Arts, Brunswick GA
Storyteller in Residence, Barnesville GA


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