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Gwendolyn J. Napier
aka Miss LuvDrop

Stories for the Lovable Souls
A Fun Educational Entertainer
Storyteller, Singer, Poet, & Ribbon Dancer
Workshop Facilitator

Email: missluvdrop@yahoo.com
Website: www.luvdropproductions.com
Phone: 404-755-4860 or 404-310-4833

Gwendolyn J. Napier heard stories from her mother, Mother Sarah F. Jackson as a child. Her mother would tell her stories for hours from memory about her childhood, family and about life. She was inspired by her constantly asking, How do you tell stories? Mother Jackson replying Storytelling comes from the Heart, just be yourself." The experiences and wisdom from her mother, life experiences, and professional training made her realize that everyone has a Story- to- Share, and there are others who would Love-to-Listen.

Since 1990, Ms. Napier has worked with young children, youth, and adults. She is currently employed by Fulton County Board Of Education. She has worked with many school-wide and community based programs. The school-wide programs consist of Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads, Career Day, Family Reading Night, and Black History Month. Her community involvement consist of performances at the Historic Oakland Cemetery, National Archive History Center, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, National Black Arts Festival Community Reading Programs, Apex Museum, Jack and Jill Organization , Fulton County Library Systems, Southview Cemetery, Atlanta Speech School and the Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Gwendolyn J. NapierEarly Literacy for young children is extremely important. She focuses on creating stories that will keep audiences engaged through songs, music, movement, dancing, instruments and props to make the stories come alive and stay alive in their minds. "She brings a Story, Love, and a beautiful Smile with her each time she performs." Ms. Napier enjoys reading and telling a variety of stories from cultures around the world. She was inspired by her recent trip to West Africa where she had the opportunity to experience the Nigerian culture and customs.

She uses realistic goals and strategies to reach the youth through real life experiences to assist and motivate their self-esteem, and to remind adults that our history is not lost, but our past experiences from the roots of our ancestors connect us to the present allowing us to spread our wings to soar into the future. A future of Hope and Change.


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