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Cynthia Watts
Watts in a Story?
Email: watts-story@mindspring.com
Website: www.wattsinastory.com
Phone (404) 758-9873
Fax (404) 758-0800

Cynthia Watts first heard stories from her grandmother and great great aunt. While many people have heard stories from their relatives and forgotten them, Cynthia chose to look more deeply. In trying to find her way in these turbulent times, she discovered these stories could give much needed insights. Later she heard stories at the National Storytelling Association. These experiences as well as professional training as a college professor, encouraged further exploration into the field of storytelling. She is still learning.

Her artistry has been recognized by the city of Atlanta; she was selected as one of eleven artists to present workshops to inner city school children. Through a grant she has had success in helping delinquent children take a new look at their world via storytelling.
Through using insights from many cultures, storytelling helps audience members transcend their own experience, time and culture for universal truths which are life enriching. She refuses to talk at people, but carefully involves audience members as imaginative, creative listeners. Cynthia recreates the intimacy of the storytelling art form which allowed its survival through the ages. The telling of her tales speaks to our time.

Storytelling is as old as the earth, yet as fresh as the rain. In my touring program I feature stories from the African diaspora. The stories selected share universal truths. It is my goal to entertain, educate and exalt the human spirit through my work. Each program includes a minimum of three stories of varying lengths. The length of the story is suited for the audience. During Kicks For Kids the longest story will not exceed ten minutes. In Animals and Other Folk the longest story is thirty minutes.

In school settings I prefer an audience that does not exceed two hundred people, who are close in grade and age. Usually the groups will be K-3rd grade, 4th-7th grade and high school audiences of 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Each program begins with a storytelling song that sets the tone of the program. As a teller I incorporate a lot of audience participation which may include repetition of a phrase, finger snapping or some other involving behavior. The program includes a range of emotion from humor to pathos.

A one hour concert for adult audiences that focuses on universal truths as told through folktales, song, and enhanced by audience participation.

A 45 minute concert featuring timeless ageless tales that involve the audience in life and encourages the sharing of family stories. For all ages.

A 30 minute show that features fun filled traditional tales that build self esteem and explore the ways of the world. Ideal for K-3rd graders.

Thirty minutes of storytelling followed by a 15 minute forum. Ideal for 4th-7th graders. Themes and content more mature.

A 45 minute show for young people featuring stories form the African Diaspora that explores the child in each of us as we learn coping skills that move us toward adulthood. Ideal for 8-12th graders.

Mature adults have had these experiences. Reflect with Cynthia as she shares folklore and personal stories that speak to the profound truths learned about love through living.

Cynthia Watts
Email: watts-story@mindspring.com
Website: www.wattsinastory.com
Phone (404) 758-9873
Fax (404) 758-0800


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