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Join us for our monthly
meetings on the 2nd
Saturday of each month
New Meeting Time
3:00-5:00 pm.

Kuumba meetings for 2014 will be held at West End Library

Come out & bring a friend!

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We're a spirit moving...so join Kuumba and

We're griots, puppeteers, music makers, storyweavers, imagination builders, dream keepers and more.  The face of Kuumba is changing and growing; we're teachers, actors, drummers, we're biblical, we're educators, story stretchers, librarians, story swappers and you. We're Decades of Experience. Kuumba Storytellers, Inc. is an Affiliate of the National Association of Black Storytellers (NABS).

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What it takes: imagination, a story and a voice.
When we meet: 2nd Saturday of each month from 3:00-5:00 pm
What we offer:

  • Open Mic Performances
  • Storytelling Sessions and Classes
  • Storytelling Concerts (youth and adults)
  • Festivals, Workshops and Story Swaps
  • Kuumba Youth "Tattle Tales" Storytelling Club

... and much, much more!

Ernestine Brown
Gwendolyn Napier
Deborah Strahorn
Joanna Maddox
Alfred Mitchell
Mama Koku
Chetter Galloway
Cynthia Watts
Sistah Spice Nana Ajayway Anan
Josie Bailey LaDoris Davis
Margaret Edinburgh Salim Cox
Akbar Imhotep Renee Spratling
Gloria Elder LaVerne Amponsah
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